Internet Parental Controls

Parental controls within the mobile telecommunications network are the applications of software and service tools that are designed to help parents and guardians monitor their children’s access to inappropriate websites and content while using laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other smart devices. Parental controls represent a valuable source of revenue and added customer value to telcos, where Netsweeper is the software tool of choice.


Parental Control Benefits for Telco’s and Broadband Providers

  • Differentiation: in a hyper-competitive marketplace, it is key to have the ability to demonstrate that your network offers a family-friendly internet experience
  • Service Plans & Marketing: Create custom web access protect plans tailored towards families, children, or senior citizens as part of a base or premium subscription
  • Increase Customer Loyalty: Offering parental controls will reduce customer churn by enabling parents to control and monitor web access in their households

Parental Control Use Cases

  • The ability to create default policies- e.g. Low, Medium, High, PG, Over 14, or Adult content controls to help make sure you’re comfortable with the sites your family can see online in your home
  • Set up Access Time Restrictions – e.g. homework time, playtime, etc.
  • Access time restrictions can be used to block the internet at certain times of the day, so that no matter which device a child connects with, it can be controlled.
  • Separately add homework or playtime (etc.) to block known social networks or game sites
  • Network enabled gaming consoles such as Sony PlayStation or Microsoft XBox that connect to game websites can also be blocked by Parental Controls
  • Customization of Parental Controls – i.e., provide parents with the ability to select allowed and blocked websites
  • Notifications – receive notifications by email
  • Notifications – receive an alert if the parental control system identifies access attempts of blocked or time restricted web sites
  • Notification – Override blocked pages with request access notification