Niagara Packet Brokers

Fixed-configuration NPB

Niagara Network’s family of Fixed-configuration Network Packet Brokers are designed to optimize throughput, performance and network port density.

Niagara Networks’ Fixed-configuration NPB systems are ideal when the network topology is well-defined, when rack space is at a premium and when external passive taps, span ports and appliances are aggregated at the Packet Broker. Niagara’s Modular NPB solutions address more specialized needs by offering complete front panel flexibility of TAP, Bypass and network ports.

Niagara’s purpose-built Fixed-configuration Network Packet Brokers provide 1, 10, 40 and 100 Gigabit connectivity and enable complete Network Visibility by optimizing traffic flows for Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Analytics, and other network tools.

Niagara packet processing technology includes dedicated hardware support for Layer 1 through Layer 4 filtering, and acceleration for network tunneling protocols. The benefits include lossless forwarding, extremely low latency and highly granular statistics.

Product Name Niagara 2845 Niagara 4248X Niagara 4248X-6XL Niagara 4272X Niagara 4432C Niagara 4332XL
1Gb Ethernet            
10Gb Ethernet            
40Gb Ethernet            
100Gb Ethernet            
Bypass Capable            
Flexible Configuration            
Layer 1 – Layer 4 filtering            
MPLS filtering and stripping            
VXLAN filtering and stripping            
“Q in Q” support            
GTP filtering            
GRE termination            
Stateful Appliance Load Balancing            
Appliance heartbeat and auto-failback            
Single inline segment supports multiple appliances            
Multiple inline segment supports single appliance            
Virtual Trunk and Port Channel            
Flow Based Statistics and Filtering            
Maximum Port Density 32 Ports 48 Ports 64 Ports 32 Ports 32 Ports 32 Ports
Redundant Hot-swap power supplies            
Hot-swap fans