BlackHole Deception

Deploy honeypots and deception targets for breach detection using Starlight’s BlackHole Deception solution.  Starlight makes the use of Multi-Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence an first when it comes to honeypots & deception technology.  When deploying the BlackHole Deception solution, organizations can lure hackers that have made their way into your network, into a fake server that appears to be vulnerable to attack.  These fake servers are commonly referred to as “honeypots” and are a good way of identifying malicious actors within your environment.  Stellar Cyber’s honeypots are not like others seen in the industry.  With our solution, we leverage complex Multi-Machine Learning and AI technology to find anomalous behavior being performed on the honeypots.  This allows Starlight to see more breach attempts and detect things faster.  Once a breach has been detected on a honeypot, a security analysis can take the necessary actions to hunt down the intruder and remove him from the network.


  • Centralized management with rapid, flexible deployment
  • Deploy single target honeypots, sophisticated honeynets, and deception
  • Complements anomaly detection on primary network assets
  • Artificial Intelligence driven deployment models
  • Fake & accessible network services that can cause no damage to real servers