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Virtual kidnapping: How to see through this terrifying scam

Phone fraud takes a frightening twist as fraudsters can tap into AI to cause serious emotional and financial damage to the victims. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. You get a call from an unknown number and on the other end of the line hear your child crying out for help. Then their ‘kidnapper’ comes on the line demanding a ransom or you will never see your son or daughter again. Unfortunately, this is not an imagined scenario from a Hollywood film […] Read More


Better safe than sorry: 10 tips to build an effective business backup strategy

How backup best practices can help drive resilience and improve cyber-hygiene in your company Could your company survive if its most critical data stores were suddenly encrypted or wiped out by cybercriminals? This is the worst-case scenario many organizations have been plunged into as a result of ransomware. But there are also many other scenarios that could create serious business risk [...] Read More


Time is Money, and Online Game Scammers have lots of it

Source: ESET WeLiveSecurity Written by: Márk Szabó *Gamers and cybersecurity professionals have something in common – the ever-terrible presence of hacking, scams, and data theft – but how and why would anyone want to target gamers?* One of the more worrying trends of the past few years within the gaming sphere has been the introduction […] Read More

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